Jardins Secrets

An original and bucolic evasion of 7000m2 in Haute-Savoie - Open from 9th April to 8th October 2017



Here are the answers of the most frequently asked questions..

-     With a wheelchair you can discover about 80% of the gardens.
        Disabled people pay a reduced price.

-     The estimated time of the visit for individuals is about an hour.

-     Duration of  a visit for groups : between 1h15 and 2h, depending on the chosen option
      For more information about Group Services, [click here.] urlblank:http://english.jardins-secrets.com/The-visit-for-the-groups_a238.html

-     There are covered spaces in case of heat wave or rain: indoor gardens, patios, galleries...

-     The Secret Gardens are a real maze and a ground of discovery for children. However, the visit would be more enjoyable with children over four because the gardens are quite delicate.

-     You can use a pushchair during the visit. However, a baby-carrier would best suit.

-     When the gardens are open, you can enjoy our gift shop.
     For more information about our shop, [click here]urlblank:http://english.jardins-secrets.com/Shop_r40.html .

-     Home-made food prepared with local products can be served at noon during summertime (from 12th July to 24th August) on our terraces or in our lounges.

-     Cold drinks, fresh mint tea and oriental doughnuts can be served  on our terraces (when Alain is available).

-     Several car parks are located just near the entrance, among them one for coaches and one for disabled people

-     Dogs are allowed. However, do not forget to bring a lead.

-     There is a picnic area.

-     We accept euros and Swiss francs.

-     You can freely film or take pictures in the gardens. 

Team of the Secret Gardens

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