Jardins Secrets

An original and bucolic evasion of 7000m2 in Haute-Savoie - Open from 9th April to 8th October 2017

For individual visitors

How to visit the Secret Gardens ?

A “must-visit” destination in Haute-Savoie, between two large alpine lakes, the Secret Gardens offer visitors an exotic walk on a plot of 7000m2, to discover gardens, patios, galleries, lounges...

First of all, you must know that all our guides will do their best to welcome you in your native language. At least, we will speak English to help you get through your visit. Then, you can wander in the gardens as long as you like. You will be given a written translation (English, Italian, Dutch, German) with all the information you need to understand the story and the spirit of this unique place.  
In case you understand French, you can participate to the short presentation about 15 minutes. We will relate you the story of the Secret Gardens, the way they have been built and the main materials used for the construction.
If you come with your children, The Secret Gardens are also a real ground of discovery for them. However, the visit would be more enjoyable with children over four because the gardens are quite delicate and children have to stay near their parents. Zelda, the last grandchildren of the Secret Gardens, can also provide to your children her game. It mixes fun, discovery, observation and stimulates their senses.

You will need around an hour and a half to visit this unusual site. You can stay longer, obviously, to enjoy the peace of the place and rest as much as you like.
During opening hours, you can have a drink, taste our specialities (fresh mint tea and oriental doughnut) and eat at noon (from 10th July to 28th August) on our outside terraces or in our lounges.
To enhance your visit, you can also enjoy:
-     Our nice gift shop : la Datcha
-     Zelda's game for children
-     Books and magazines to read on our terraces
-     Covered spaces in case of heat wave or rain
-     A picnic area
-     An information point to discover the surroundings
-     An ideal place to capture “the happiest day of your life” (wedding pictures)
-     Loyalty card
-     Photos contest
-     Two new spaces to privatise
-     80% of the Secret Gardens can be discovered with a wheelchair
-     Refreshments and snacks on our terraces and lounges
-     New: 13-minute-movie about the history of the Secret Gardens

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