Jardins Secrets

An original and bucolic evasion of 7000m2 in Haute-Savoie - Open from 9th April to 8th October 2017

For groups

Our different options for groups

Our different options for groups
For groups from 20 persons :

Semi-guided visit: 7 €
- Welcome, a 15 minutes presentation by a guide and exchanges in a garden or sheltered (weather permitting)
- Free discovery of our gardens with a signposting, interpretation signs, individual instructions, pictures...
- Possibility to film, photograph and have a rest
- New (since 2015): possibility to watch the film of the Secrets Gardens
(15 min on the history, influences, used materials, plants...)

- You can take a refreshment, stroll about in our store, talk with our guides
- Accompanying to the bus for departure
Estimated duration: 1.15h minimum

You can add to those 2 types of visits the following services :

Refreshment: 2.5€
The “Secret Gardens” cocktail (fruit juices)
Estimated time: 20min
Snack: 5€
The “Secret Gardens” cocktail (fruit juices) and a home-made oriental doughnut prepared in front of you.
Estimated duration: 2h
Aperitif: 8€
Kir (aperitif made of cassis liqueur and white wine), white wine or the “Secret Gardens” cocktail (fruit juices), saucisson, local cheeses and bread
Estimated duration: 30min
Meal: Contact us

A driver gratuity is paid regardless of the number of participants.
We thank you very much for respecting the agreed arrival time.
The benefits are applied to the entire group from 20 people.
Services offered: bus parking, refreshments, shop, reading corner, film presentation of our gardens, possibility to have lunch on site, many covered areas.

Visits can take place every day from 3th April to 16th October 2016. Thanks for booking in advance.
Contact : Tel : +33 (0)4 50 60 53 18
Florence (in charge of group) - assistante@jardins-secrets.com
Myriam - contact@jardins-secrets.com

Here, you can find all the documents needed to prepare your visit to the Secret Gardens :
propositions_repas_gpes_2016__copie_en_conflit_de_justine_gimenez_2016_06_10___copie_en_conflit_de_justine_gimenez_2016_06_10_.pdf Catering for groups 2016  (157.43 KB)
fg2016.pdf Group options 2016  (125.95 KB)

Team of the Secret Gardens

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