Jardins Secrets

An original and bucolic evasion of 7000m2 in Haute-Savoie - Open from 9th April to 8th October 2017


Andalusia, Tunisia, Morocco (video)

Nicole Moumen tells you everything about the influences of the Secret Gardens. In this unique place, you will travel all around the world and especially to Andalusia, Tunisia, Morocco…Nicole tells you more about this wonderful trip in this video.

Nicole’s favourite garden (video)

In this short video, Nicole shares her feelings about her favourite garden: the Loggias of Madness, the heart of the Secret Gardens.  To discover this piece of paradise and to understand her choice, don't hesitate to click on the video.

Nicole and Myriam present the way to work wood... (video)

Painted, turned, carved, cut... wood can be seen in all of its forms in the Secret Gardens. Thanks to this short video, Nicole and Myriam tell us more about their favourite methods to work with this material.

The main materials of the Secret Gardens (video)

Calade, lime mortar, copper: three materials which contribute to the identity of the Secret Gardens. Myriam presents these three techniques in this short video.

The story of our Gardens by Nicole (video)

1 minutes and 50 seconds to learn more about this unusual family history.

The point of view of visitors (video)

In the Garden of Delights, some visitors give their point of view. They mention their astonishment, emotions and feelings about the special history and atmosphere of the Secret Gardens. Click on this link to discover other videos.

The guided visit together with Myriam - 1st part (video)

With this video, you have the opportunity to discover the Secret Gardens with Myriam: the Garden of Delights, the Harlequin Garden, the Curé Garden, the Roses Walk... Make the most of it and don't hesitate to discover the rest of the visit in videos by clicking here.

The guided visit together with Myriam - 2nd part (video)

With a background music of  birds and water singing in the fountains, Myriam Moumen invites you to continue the visit of the Secret Gardens.

The guided visit together with Myriam - 3rd part (video)

Last part of the guided visit with Myriam: the discovery of some other gardens and indoor lounges... Don't miss the first two parts of the visit: click on the tab.