Jardins Secrets

An original and bucolic evasion of 7000m2 in Haute-Savoie - Open from 9th April to 8th October 2017

For groups

Visit for groups

Specialised in welcoming groups since 1994, we offer semi-guided visits, from 20 persons.
In a friendly and interactive way, our guides will relate to you the story, the know-how, some secrets... that made our gardens a unique and surprising place. You will be given an oral presentation of 15 minutes (in English, Italian or other languages according to the abilities of our guides). Then you will be able to walk around freely with a written translation (in English, Italian, Dutch and German) as long as you want, to discover a 7000m2 mosaic of gardens, alleys, galleries, patios, lounges...
The visit can be followed by refreshments, snack, an aperitif or a meal.
Semi-guided visit for adults : 7 euros
Semi-guided visit + refreshment : 10 euros
Semi-guided visit + snack : 12 euros
Semi-guided visit + aperitif : 15 euros
Semi-guided visit + meal (different options, contact us)
For more information about group options, [click here.]urlblank:http://english.jardins-secrets.com/Our-different-options-for-groups_a239.html
For more information about menus, [click here.]urlblank:http://english.jardins-secrets.com/Catering-for-groups-from-15-people_a377.html
For the organization of the visit, contact us.
Visits can take place every day from 3th April to 16th October 2016. Please, book in advance.
Contact: Tel : +33 (0)4 50 60 53 18
Florence (in charge of groups) - [assistante@jardins-secrets.com]mail:assistante@jardins-secrets.com
Myriam - [contact@jardins-secrets.com]mail:contact@jardins-secrets.com

Here are all the needed documents to prepare your visit in the Secret Gardens:

Useful information for guided visits

Walking on the 7000m2 of the Secrets Gardens do not present any major difficulties.
Benches are placed all along the walk.
The visit suits for all types of public (difficult access for wheelchairs).
The visit takes place inside but also outside.
In case of bad weather, the rain does not hinder the visit (many covered spaces).
In case of rain or cold weather, snack and aperitif can be served in a covered space.
Semi-guided visits can be given in foreign languages by our guides (contact us).
We can welcome a maximum of 150 people.
You can easily include the Secret Gardens in a tour. There are a lot of other tourist destinations in the surroundings. 


Gift shop : a wide range of ideas for gifts and souvenirs : handmade pottery, postcards, perfumes, sweets, candles...
Covered terraces and lounges.
Coach park near the entrance.
Four toilets + 1 wheelchair accessible toilet.
An information point to discover the surroundings.

Sonia Moumen

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